Environment & Company Today

Ympäristö ja Yritys Tänään stays up to date with environmental issues from business owners and business’ point of view. It is an immense help in the process of decision-making and gives out valuable ideas to executing sustainable development in ones business. The readers consist of industrial, real estate, construction, and environmental companies on environmental issues […]

Health & Social Services Today

Sosiaali -ja Terveysala Tänään consists of a wide range of information concerning social services and health care today. In this magazine you will find news and articles, new products and services for the professionals to exploit in their daily work. We keep enterprises informed about the newest laws, directives and statues. The readers of this […]

Build Renovation & Interior

Rakenna Remontoi ja Sisusta is aimed for home builders, renovators and decorators. This publication offers reliable contacts of the professionals to the readers. The publication is distributed in the biggest exhibitions throughout the year. This multicolored magazine also reaches those who have a planning permission and those who have purchased a plot. Rakenna Remontoi ja […]

Restaurant, Café & FastFood

Ravintola, kahvila & Fast Food -publication is an information package for cafes, restaurants and fast food lines of business. The publication offers for its readers trustworthy contacts of information. About professionals and Vendors. Ideas for developing business Settings Product, gadget and equipment releases Services for firms New partnerships Read more at www.recafa.com

Home Renovator & Decorator’s Guide

Kodin remontoijan ja sisustajan opas is an A4-sized information package to all home builders, renovators and decorators. Magazine provides contact information of professionals and suppliers. The magazine is also presented in the biggest fairs and events throughout the year. Readers include also all whom have got construction permit and bought a site. Rakenna Remontoi ja Sisusta is aimed for home builders, renovators and decorators. This publication offers reliable contacts of […]

Professional builder

Ammattirakentaja  is a topical information package for professional builders introducing important construction services to those in need. Publication provides up-to date information about services, interest groups, and it works with both small and large companies as a visible partner. You will find professionals, companies and suppliers nationwide. Ammattirakentaja magazine is very popular as a neutral media […]

Professional kitchen

Ammattikeittiö offers novelties and news and information about new products, recipes and ideas, interesting articles and interviews. It is intended for small and medium sized businesses and decision makers in the industry. Ammattikeittiö is read by the kitchen and restaurant professionals in the areas of: Catering Restaurants Lunch canteens Cafes Bakeries Hospitals School kitchens Read […]

Professional driver

Ammattikuljettaja is a new entertaining information package for professional drivers and transport services. The publication provides up-to-date information on services, stakeholders and works with both small and large companies as a visible partner. The magazine reaches: Small and medium sized entrepreneurs, managers and decision- makers in transport business Decision makers responsible for purchasing and referees […]


Aitoaruokaa.fi is an informative guide, A5-sized and 80 pages. Magazine offers current news regarding ecological and local food, new products, recipes and of course, a detailed list of professionals of the branch – producers, manufactures ja retailers. Delivery: Digital magazine and a printed version is also posted to subscribers of Ammattikeittiö-magazine and Ravintola, Kahvila & Fastfood-magazine. Read more at www.aitoaruokaa.fi